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The 2015 versions of UT website makes use of Typeahead. The styles and requirements are still valid and supported and Type-ahead is what drives the “Find a Page” feature of the WordPress theme. To implement a “Find a Page” style feature for a non-WordPress site, you must follow the .

The Original Hill template makes use of Typeahead javascript. Typeahead is what drives the “Find a Page” filtering feature of the WordPress theme. To implement this feature on a non-WordPress website, you must follow the Typeahead Documentation.

Font Awesome Icons

This style guide provides a list of icons that are recommended for use. If you require more icons for your website, our templates and theme are Font Awesome compatible. Follow the instructions at Font Awesome and pay particular attention to their accessibility notes. Accessibility for icons is not automatic; if you use them, you must ensure that your icons are accessible.

UT’s Office of Information Technology has approved and supports Google CSE for custom searches within the domain. Learn more at and reach out to with any questions.


We encourage all university site owners to use analytics to measure traffic to their websites. We use Google Analytics; however, there are other options

UT Alert

Adding UT Alert to your site is not required and often unnecessary. However, if you would wish to present the alert on your site, add the code below to your javascript or in the footer of your site. It requires jQuery 1.11 to be loaded before this script is run.

Note: The alert is deployed by the Office of Public Safety.


  $.get("", function(data) {
    var $XML = $(data);
    $XML.find("item").each(function() {
      var $this = $(this),
      item = {
        title:       $this.find("title").text(),
        link:        $this.find("link").text(),
        description: $this.find("description").text(),
        pubDate:     $this.find("pubDate").text()
      var title = item.title;
      var description = item.description;
      var pubDate = item.pubDate;
      var orangeBar = $('#orange-bar');

      if (title.indexOf("All Clear") === -1) {
              orangeBar.after("<div class='alert alert-warning alert-dismissible ut_alert fade in' role='alert'><div class='container'><p>"+description+"</p><small>Posted on  "+pubDate+"</small><p><a class='alertButton' href='//'>See campus status.</a></p></div></div>");



WordPress Plugins

For Breadcrumbs

Our breadcrumb pattern works with the Breadcrumb NavXT plugin.

For Carousels and Sliders

The university has a site-wide license for the Soliloquy plugin. Please contact the UT web team for information.

For Forms

The university has a site-wide license for the Gravity Forms plugin. Please contact for information.