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Branding and Accessibility

These templates are built in accordance with the visual requirements outlined on the UT branding website. For information regarding visual requirements, please visit that site.

These templates are also built in accordance with the system-level policy on website accessibility. To learn more about accessibility and the policy, please visit that section of this website.

Why Templates?

All official websites within the domain are part of the same family and represent an aspect of the University of Tennessee to site visitors. These websites should reflect that unity in their look and feel as well. We refer to our current templates as “The Hill” as a nod to the central geological feature of our campus. We develop and provide the code for the Hill as a way to make building branded, accessible, official university websites as easy as possible for UT’s many web designers and developers.

Original Hill

Screenshot of The Hill 2019

Our “original” Hill template is still current. The styles and requirements of this template are valid, up-to-date, and supported.

Classic Hill

Full Width Hill

Screenshot of The Hill 2019

A new iteration of the Hill is currently under heavy development. We will be making this template available based upon feedback and requests from campus web developers, designers, and communicators. As it is still under development, it is not recommended for use at this time.

Full Width Hill