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Digital signage and other non-web items

Digital signage is a resource used on campus to share information in public spaces. The following guidelines should be used when creating content for digital signage and display screens.

Digital signage and other non-web items tips

  1. Color - ensure that the color contrast for text meets minimum standards. To check contrast, refer to WebAim’s color contrast checker. Do not use orange text or backgrounds. Use orange only as an accent color in graphics or include orange in photographs.
  2. Use sans-serif fonts. Gotham, Helvetica, or Arial are all great fonts to use in digital signage design.
  3. Keep your font sizes large, especially for your main messages. Text should be large enough that it can be easily read from a reasonable distance. To test out the best font size for your design, set up a Display showing various font sizes and try reading it from various distances.
  4. Keep the message short. Follow the 3x5 Rule. Limit the amount of text on your Display to three lines of text, each with 5 words or less, or 5 lines of text with 3 words or less.

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