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Visual Considerations

Layout, color, and more

Primary Colors

Tennessee Orange requires a special set of colors to support it. Primarily, white and Smokey should always be used to underscore its boldness.

Text Colors

For headlines, we use Smokey. For text we use Smokey Text (a darkened version of Smokey that will make your text easier to read). For links we use Globe, underlined.

Texture Colors

In order to create slight differences in emphasis, or to designate sections of a page, a range of grays is available. Your text color should be only Smokey Text on these elements.

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Font Stacks

The following font stacks should be utilized when designing for digital media. They help control the look of your communications even if your user’s computer doesn’t have the primary font installed. These font stacks are included within the website and HTML e-mail templates.

Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif
Georgia, Times, Times New Roman, Serif

A note on Gotham. The Office of Communications and Marketing can provide the web font version of the font. To request Gotham for your website, please email Please be aware that the university’s account provides a limited number of pageviews and Gotham will not be available for all websites. Please know the average number of monthly page views for your site before requesting access.